About Us

Smart Jump Starters Pty Ltd is a fully owned and operated Australian company specialising in multi-function personal power pack  jump starters powered by lithium polymer batteries.  We are the importers and exclusive Australian and South Pacific distributors of the PERSONAL POWER PACK JUMP STARTER range of products marketed under our ‘SJS’ brand.  We have been associated with the automotive aftermarket industry for over 29 years.  Together with our manufacturing partner, we have designed and developed our products to the highest quality standards, with safety and ease of use as our prime objective.

Utilising the latest lithium battery technology, and with very low self discharge rates ,  you have personal power when you need it most.  Genuine battery capacities and power output figures quoted are based on extensive in-house testing carried out over the last 5 years. Beware of imitations or copies.

Lithium battery powered multi-function jump starters first appeared in late 2010 as an extremely compact and lightweight power source versus the old style lead acid battery large heavy jump starters.  Although small in size, they are very powerful, with the ability to jump start anything from a ride-on lawn mower to a large SUV both with petrol and diesel engines.  Our products are also able to charge mobile phones, cameras, laptops etc and power many 12 volt DC devices up to 180 watts.  Please visit the ‘SJS Product Range’ section of our website to view the full range available.

All SJS products are fully Australian Standards approved and meet or exceed the highest safety standards. When used in accordance with the instructions provided in the comprehensive user manual and included with all of our products, you should enjoy a long service life and be comfortable in the knowledge that you have personal power anywhere, anytime!

Ideal for workshop, home, camping, leisure, RV, motorcycles, boating and farm applications, SJS has a model available that will suit most needs together with a full range of spare parts and accessories.

For all technical queries, service and advice, please call Smart Jump Starters on 07 5437 9089.  We are available Monday – Friday between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm AEST and are happy to assist you in any way.